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For an effortless telemedicine services, connecting you with quality care, wherever you are stationed..

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Our Services

  • Evaluation of submitted clinical history and visits

  • Clinic / Video consultations with doctors through App

  • Simultaneous prescription during video consultations

4 easy steps to get the Telehealth treatment

Step 1

Register user on the 'People-Health' app

Step 2

Find a Doctor based on either Symptom or Specialist

Step 3

Book an appointment

Step 4

Doctor calls you at the scheduled time

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Why should I book Telemedicine video consultation? 

Telemedicine offers a solution for certain situations where traveling to medical facilities may pose challenges or prove unnecessary. By opting for 'People-Health' doctor consultations, health seekers can get immediate access to their Physicians. This approach provides them the convenience of personalized care on their schedule, at their preferred location, with the added benefit of medication delivery to their doorstep. In such scenarios, a straightforward consultation with a certified physician coupled with appropriate medication can effectively address patients' symptoms, thereby streamlining the process and cutting down on time, expenses, and hassle.

What medical conditions can we treat using our People-Health?

  • Common Cold

  • Cough and Sore throats

  • Skin conditions

  • Headaches

  • Dizziness

  • Digestive problems, Vomiting

  • Muscle sprain, Backache

  • Diabetes

  • Allergies, Insect bites

  • Snoring

  • Mental illness

Symptom based Physician search

You tell us your symptoms and we provide the right list of Physicians

Verified Physicians

Verified and Certified Physicians with varied experience

Immediate Health consultation through Video

Physician will call you based on your scheduled time

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