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Healthcare – Simplified for all

Every health seeker wants to know about the status of their health. “People-Health” is the way your health information can be transformed from Medical records in a digital way - Electronic Medical Records.

  • It's accessible, wherever you are stationed. 

  • It’s accurate, gets the record on a timely manner. 

  • It's secured, your Personal Identifiable Information are encrypted


It allows you to be part of your outpatient consultation process. 

It lets you see your prescription anytime and everywhere. 

It connects with your Doctor in an evolutionary expanded way. 

No more papers or hardcopy files or even scattered PDF files in your emails. All of your healthcare records are in one place – that’s in the secured cloud and you can access it from your mobile. 

People-Health is the revolutionary healthcare system – in the touch of your mobile for all of your Healthcare needs


Is your health information safe? A patient’s health information when shared between the physician and the patient is very sensitive and demands an additional level of security.     People-Health complies all the security practice with just not password protection but also validates the user with multiple security layer. Your personal identifiable information is encrypted and safe with us. 



In this digital era, smartphones are more with you than your shadow. People-Health is available in any smartphone.   People-Health empower patients to proactively manage their healthcare needs. All their clinical data, conversation with their physicians are now handy. 

What our platform offers you?

  • Physician search

  • Book Tele-Health appointment

  • Payment

  • Your Health history

  • e-Prescription (No more paper based prescriptions)

  • Recent visits

  • Your anytime video consultation from your mobile

  • Patient engagement videologue (Shortly offered)

Digital Security System
Happy Woman


People-Health Mobile App is free of cost for all the health seekers. We truly believe 'Healthcare is for all'.


Our Healthcare platform provides better accessibility for all.


The care seekers irrespective of any age or gender seeks either for clinical outpatient or remote healthcare uses People-Health.

Shortly, getting launched for the people in India.

  • Android during Nov'23 

  • iOS during Dec'23. 

How to Delete the user account

  • Send a mail to

  • Make sure the health seeker should not have any booked appointments.

  • Health seeker should provide the following information - Username, Mobile number, First Name, Last Name.

  • Support team will call the health seeker's mobile and ask security questions to confirm their account deletion. 

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