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Welcome to our healthcare platform! You can now access to outpatient clinics, telehealth consultations, home visit doctors, physiotherapists, and nurses for comprehensive and convenient care.

All under one platform!

Celebrate a healthier, happier you with our comprehensive health solutions designed for your well-being.



People-Health is available both in Android and iOS.     It empower health seekers to proactively manage their healthcare needs. All their clinical data, health history, prescriptions with their physicians are now handy. 




Electronic Door Lock

Health seeker’s health information when shared between the physician and the Health seeker is very sensitive and demands an additional level of security.     People-Health complies all the security practice with just not password protection but also validates the user with multiple security layers. Your personal identifiable information is encrypted and it's safe with us. 



People-Health Mobile App is dedicated to making healthcare affordable to everyone. We ensure that individuals from all walks of life can access the care they need without any financial barriers.

By providing our app free of charge, we aim to bridge this gap. We also strive to partner with healthcare providers who share our vision of accessible and inclusive healthcare for all.

Care affordability


Physician Search

Clinical history, e-Prescriptions

Book Telehealth Appointment

Payment through secured 
Third party payment gateway

Any time Video Consultation

Health seeker Engagement 

Our services ensure nationwide access to comprehensive healthcare solutions, including telemedicine, clinical outpatient, and home health consultations.

Outpatient consultation

Outpatient consultations provide timely medical assessments and in-person treatments ensuring efficient and convenient healthcare access. 

Telehealth consultation

Telemedicine consultations offer convenient and accessible healthcare access, enabling health seekers to connect with physicians remotely for medical advice and treatment.

Home visit consultation

Home visit consultations by physicians or physiotherapists, or nurses bring personalised healthcare directly to patients' doorsteps, enhancing comfort and accessibility while ensuring comprehensive medical care in familiar surroundings.

Download "People-Health" App.

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