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About Us

HealthBridges is an evolutionary Digital Health company that solves day to day health problems and delivers results for the better health outcome with an efficient clinical practice.

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Meet the Board

Poongundran Krishnamurthi

Poongundran Krishnamurthi

Mr. Poongundran Krishnamurthi, a seasoned professional with over 25 years of rich experience in the field of Information Technology. Poongundran has established himself as a distinguished expert, particularly specializing in Software Product Engineering. His extensive career has been marked by a remarkable 15 years tenure within the US Healthcare space, where he has consistently demonstrated innovation.
Poongundran has not only navigated the complexities of the healthcare industry but has also excelled in leading and managing high-performing teams. His leadership extends to the realm of Data Science, where he has overseen and directed teams to deliver innovative and impactful solutions.


Dr.Jothinathan Kandasamy

Dr. Jothinathan Kandasamy, a highly respected profession in the medical fraternity with an impressive career spanning over 32 years. Dr. Jothinathan  is a distinguished General Surgeon, renowned for his expertise and contributions in the field specializing in the Renal team, Dr. Jothinathan has dedicated his career to advancing medical knowledge and providing exceptional patient care. His extensive experience and skillset have positioned him as a trusted authority in the medical community.
Notably, Dr. Jothinathan is recognized for his proficiency in laparoscopic surgery, where he has consistently demonstrated precision and excellent health outcome. His commitment to staying at the forefront of medical advancements and embracing cutting-edge techniques has set him apart as a leading laparoscopic surgeon.

Dr.Jothinathan Kandasamy

Chief Compliance

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