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Improve the profitability of your OPDs and further grow your practice

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Our Mobile platform offers a robust Outpatient & Telemedicine services

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Our mobile-based platform revolutionises healthcare delivery by offering comprehensive outpatient services and seamless telemedicine consultations. Doctors can efficiently manage their outpatient practices, schedule appointments, access patient records, and prescribe medications all through a user-friendly mobile interface. This streamlined approach not only enhances the efficiency of outpatient care but also improves patient experience by reducing wait times and follow-up visit patients hassles.

Additionally, our platform integrates with in-house build secured telemedicine services, enabling doctors to conduct virtual consultations with patients anytime, anywhere. Patients can easily connect with their physicians through secure video calls, receive medical advice, and discuss treatment plans remotely. As we expand our boundaries, doctors who provide home visit services will also be accessible through the platform shortly, ensuring continuity of care and accessibility for patients who require in-person consultations at their convenience.


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Why Choose us?

Doctors in India are grappling with an immense patient load that often leads to burnout, a pervasive issue in the healthcare sector. Long wait times for appointments further compound this challenge, creating a backlog of cases that puts pressure on doctors to rush through consultations.
Hence our primary focus is on addressing these challenges that requires systemic changes by implementing a clear usability solutions for better efficiency especially during care time.

Struggling to provide timely care amidst overwhelming patient loads, can the Doctors even look beyond their horizon?
Telemedicine emerges as a transformative solution to alleviate this pain. By our cutting edge Technology solution, doctors can now conduct virtual consultations with patients regardless of their geographic location. It also enables doctors to reach a broader patient population breaking the boundaries.

The reluctance on using the Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system can be attributed to several factors. Learning and adapting to new technology require additional training and can disrupt the established workflows.
Recognizing the challenge of typing on laptop keyboards, we have shifted to a fully mobile-driven approach. This enables doctors to carry out their practice from anywhere they are stationed.

Patient engagement poses a significant challenge for doctors due to their shortage of time. Instead, we take care of this responsibility. Furthermore, sustaining patient engagement beyond the initial consultation is crucial for ongoing care management. Building rapport and trust through effective communication, personalized care plans, and regular check-ins can help foster patient engagement.

Value-Adds of our innovative healthcare solution
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Data Security with encryption & two-way authentication.

Our Reviews


Dr. Chitra

General Physician

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Dr. Tarun

General Physician


Dr. Joseph

General Physician

With People-Health platform, I can efficiently provide outpatient services, conduct telemedicine consultations for my follow-up patients, all from my mobile device.

I'm excited about the People-Health platform's features like EMR access, virtual consultations, making healthcare more accessible

The People-Health platform streamlines my workflows, enhances patient engagement, and empowers me to deliver personalised care anytime, anywhere

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