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Recent outbreak of Nipah Virus

The Nipah virus is vulnerably infectious and fatal when contracted by humans. It’s especially a threat to the children due to their developing immune systems.

Identifying the early symptoms of Nipah virus infection in children is extremely important. Identifying at the earliest time and providing the right treatment can effectively stop its transmission and save numerous lives.


The initial symptoms of the Nipah virus in children are quite similar to other flus. However, the following symptoms can be spotted for early intervention:

· Cough and difficulty in breathing: The child may develop a continuous cough and face difficulties in breathing. This leads to a confusion of Upper Respiratory Infection.

· Muscle pain: Children may have muscular pain and weakness and it will be difficult on their mobility.

· Vomiting and seizures: Nausea and vomiting may occur as the infection progresses.

· Fever and Headache: Fever and headache are some of the initial symptoms of Nipah virus. This fever can be continuous. Medicines given for common fevers doesn’t have any effect on this fever.


Children with suspected Nipah virus infection should be hospitalised and kept under observation.

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